• Group logo of Hunter ACERT
    Private Group / 94 members
    active 1 day, 16 hours ago

    A group for Hunter faculty hosted by Hunter’s Academic Center for Excellence in Research and Teaching (ACERT). ACERT fosters a community in which faculty use innovative pedagogy, technology, and assessment to […]

  • Group logo of Digital Humanities Initiative
    Public Group / 591 members
    active 1 day, 21 hours ago

    The CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative (CUNY DHI), launched in Fall 2010, aims to build connections and community among those at CUNY who are applying digital technologies to scholarship and pedagogy in the […]

  • Group logo of GC Digital Initiatives at the CUNY Graduate Center
    Public Group / 288 members
    active 3 days, 18 hours ago

    This group accompanies the the GCDI website (http://gcdi.commons.gc.cuny.edu/). Here, members of the GC community can share news of recent events and new projects and can begin to build connections between projects.

  • Group logo of The Group for Group Admins
    Public Group / 629 members
    active 1 week, 6 days ago

    A meta-group for all of the Commons’ group admins so that the CUNY Academic Commons team can share information and keep you updated about changes to the site (and especially the Group interface). This group will […]

  • Group logo of Digital Dissertations
    Public Group / 59 members
    active 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    This group is for anyone who is interested in writing a digital dissertation (or creating a digital component to an otherwise ’traditional’ dissertation). Please join, introduce yourself in the ”welcome and […]

  • Group logo of Digital Studies Group
    Public Group / 179 members
    active 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    The Digital Studies Group (DSG) brings together CUNY faculty members, researchers, and doctoral students interested in a broad range of intellectual, cultural, economic, legal, and pedagogical issues related to […]

  • Group logo of New Media Lab
    Public Group / 210 members
    active 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    THE NEW MEDIA LAB (NML) assists City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center faculty and doctoral students from a variety of academic disciplines to create multimedia projects based on their own scholarly […]

  • Group logo of CUNY Technology Group
    Public Group / 319 members
    active 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    This is a group for all members of the CUNY community who are interested in technology and its use in academic research and teaching.

  • Group logo of GC Digital Initiatives Fellows - Master Group
    Private Group / 55 members
    active 1 month ago

    This is a group for all of the GCDI fellows.

  • Group logo of Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (Public Group)
    Public Group / 140 members
    active 1 month ago

    The mission of The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy is to promote open scholarly discourse around critical and creative uses of digital technology in teaching, learning, and research. You can find […]

  • Group logo of The PublicsLab at the Graduate Center
    Public Group / 57 members
    active 1 month ago

    The PublicsLab seeks to transform doctoral education in the humanities for the public good. It cosponsors and organizes events focused on public scholarship at the Graduate Center, supports faculty and graduate […]

  • Group logo of Futures Initiative
    Public Group / 108 members
    active 4 months, 1 week ago

    The Futures Initiative aims to advance greater equity and innovation in higher education. Housed at the Graduate Center and reaching throughout the CUNY community, the Futures Initiative empowers the next […]

  • Group logo of Open Education at CUNY
    Public Group / 196 members
    active 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    A group devoted to making education open, accessible, and public through the use of open-source tools and non-proprietary software platforms.

    Group avatar by akashgoyal

  • Group logo of HASTAC@CUNY
    Public Group / 16 members
    active 9 months ago

    Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory at CUNY

  • Group logo of Popular Culture at CUNY
    Public Group / 60 members
    active 9 months ago

    For those interested in teaching or researching any area of popular culture. Soon to be be appearing: Across Genres, a blog about popular culture.

  • Group logo of Omeka
    Public Group / 65 members
    active 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    This group will share Omeka experiences, feature digital collections created in Omeka, and discuss best practices.

  • Group logo of Data Privacy and Security
    Private Group / 34 members
    active 11 months, 1 week ago

    a group formed to discuss issues of data privacy and security in the wake of the 2016 election

  • Group logo of Post-Election Working Group
    Public Group / 55 members
    active 11 months, 1 week ago

    An informal group for anyone interested in organizing and taking action following the 2016 Presidential Election.

    Avatar image: ”H8 is not GR8” by @Chris Piascik on Flickr […]

  • Group logo of Internet Research Team
    Public Group / 86 members
    active 1 year, 1 month ago

    The Internet Research Team is a student-led group of scholars interested in exploring, discussing, and using online and digital research methods. The group also includes faculty and staff and meets regularly […]

  • Group logo of Digital Humanities Reading Group
    Public Group / 42 members
    active 1 year, 4 months ago

    The Digital Humanities Reading Group aims to provide an informal, low-stakes environment for members of the GC community to discuss recent articles in the Digital Humanities, experiment with digital tools, and […]