• Group logo of CAC Faculty Fellows
    Private Group / 8 members
    active 9 hours, 42 minutes ago

    Spring 2017

  • Group logo of The Group for Group Admins
    Public Group / 399 members
    active 11 hours, 28 minutes ago

    A meta-group for all of the Commons’ group admins so that the CUNY Academic Commons team can share information and keep you updated about changes to the site (and especially the Group interface). This group will […]

  • Group logo of CUNY School of Professional Studies
    Public Group / 81 members
    active 14 hours, 31 minutes ago

    This group was created to promote community among faculty and staff at the CUNY School of Professional Studies.

    SPS Blogs
    CUNY SPS Community Blog
    SPS News and Notes Blog
    CUNY SPS Writing Fellows Blog
    CUNY […]

  • Group logo of Latina/o Studies at CUNY
    Public Group / 14 members
    active 14 hours, 33 minutes ago

    This group is intended to facilitate connections between CUNY faculty who teach in any discipline related to Latina/o Studies. Members are invited to submit to and/or attend the all-CUNY Latina/o Cultural Studies […]

  • Group logo of CUNY Technology Group
    Public Group / 294 members
    active 14 hours, 33 minutes ago

    This is a group for all members of the CUNY community who are interested in technology and its use in academic research and teaching.

  • Group logo of Women's Studies Project FIG at BMCC
    Public Group / 3 members
    active 14 hours, 34 minutes ago

    The Women’s Studies Project (WSP) is a community of faculty and staff who teach, research, or administer in the field of women’s/gender studies – a complex discipline that draws participants from fields such as […]

  • Group logo of Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)
    Public Group / 50 members
    active 14 hours, 34 minutes ago

    A group for faculty and staff interested in COIL education at CUNY.

  • Group logo of CUNY Women in STEM
    Public Group / 23 members
    active 14 hours, 35 minutes ago

    CUNY Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is a transdisciplinary group open to the CUNY community. We aim to link-up STEM oriented campus-based groups and create a virtual hub that […]

  • Group logo of Open Education at CUNY
    Public Group / 170 members
    active 14 hours, 36 minutes ago

    A group devoted to making education open, accessible, and public through the use of open-source tools and non-proprietary software platforms.

    Group avatar by akashgoyal

  • Group logo of Open at CUNY
    Public Group / 208 members
    active 14 hours, 36 minutes ago

    A group for CUNY faculty, staff, and graduate students interested in open access publishing for scholarly communication, open educational resources, and open teaching and scholarship.

    Group avatar includes the […]

  • Group logo of Digital Initiatives at the CUNY Graduate Center
    Public Group / 98 members
    active 14 hours, 36 minutes ago

    This group accompanies the the GCDI website (http://gcdi.commons.gc.cuny.edu/). Here, members of the GC community can share news of recent events and new projects and can begin to build connections between projects.

  • Group logo of Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (Public Group)
    Public Group / 103 members
    active 14 hours, 36 minutes ago

    The mission of The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy is to promote open scholarly discourse around critical and creative uses of digital technology in teaching, learning, and research. You can find […]

  • Group logo of Digital Humanities Initiative
    Public Group / 426 members
    active 14 hours, 36 minutes ago

    The CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative (CUNY DHI), launched in Fall 2010, aims to build connections and community among those at CUNY who are applying digital technologies to scholarship and pedagogy in the […]

  • Group logo of Maker Technology at CUNY
    Public Group / 14 members
    active 14 hours, 36 minutes ago

    This group is for faculty and staff who are interested in, or working with, maker activities and maker spaces at CUNY.

  • Group logo of Centers for Teaching and Learning (CTL’s)
    Public Group / 112 members
    active 14 hours, 37 minutes ago

    Group for directors of CUNY Centers for Teaching and Learning, and others interested in pedagogy and faculty development.

  • Group logo of Renaissance Studies
    Public Group / 26 members
    active 15 hours, 33 minutes ago

    A group emerging from the Renaissance Studies Certificate Program with the aim of creating an interdisciplinary network of scholars working in the Renaissance/Early Modern.

  • Group logo of Feminist Studies Group
    Public Group / 31 members
    active 16 hours, 20 minutes ago

    The Feminist Studies Group (FSG) at the Graduate Center promotes feminist thought, theory, practices, research, and good times at the GC and beyond.

  • Group logo of PhD Program in History
    Private Group / 82 members
    active 16 hours, 24 minutes ago

    For History students, faculty,and alumni.

  • Group logo of BMCC E-Learning Group Discussion Forum
    Public Group / 10 members
    active 16 hours, 29 minutes ago

    This group is for all faculty and staff who would like to explore e-learning teaching topics at BMCC of all kinds. We will explore effective ways to involve students in meaningful discussions, how to support […]

  • Group logo of The Teaching and Learning Center
    Public Group / 92 members
    active 16 hours, 30 minutes ago

    This is a public group for the Graduate Center’s Teaching and Learning Center. Join for notifications of events, and to participate in conversations about teaching and learning on the TLC Forum.

    Our website can […]