• Group logo of Faculty Fellowship Publication Program (FFPP)
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    The Faculty Fellowship Publication Program (FFPP), sponsored by the Office of the Dean for Recruitment and Diversity, aims at advancing CUNY’s institutional goal of a diverse professoriate. The University-wide i […]

  • Group logo of Sociology Major
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    A group dedicated to the development of the Sociology major online..

  • Group logo of Digital Praxis Seminar Fall 2016
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    This is a CUNY Academic Commons group designed to support the Digital Praxis Seminar students for the 2016-2017 academic year.

  • Group logo of Class Site for Fall 2016 MALS 73100
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    Connecting for our class.

  • Group logo of ENW 365 Professional Writing
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    ENW 365 Fall 2016

  • Group logo of The GC Running Group
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    Because when you’re running it’s the only time you’re not thinking, ”I should be writing.”

    The GC Running Group is a space for organizing group or buddy runs with other runners from the GC community. The group […]

  • Group logo of GC Digital Fellows
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    A private group for the GC Digital Fellows – http://gcdi.commons.gc.cuny.edu/category/digital-fellows/

  • Group logo of Data Privacy and Security
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    a group formed to discuss issues of data privacy and security in the wake of the 2016 election

  • Group logo of Post-Election Working Group
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    An informal group for anyone interested in organizing and taking action following the 2016 Presidential Election.

    Avatar image: ”H8 is not GR8” by @Chris Piascik on Flickr […]

  • Group logo of Great Digs Fall 2016
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    Great Digs 2016 Prof. Macaulay-Lewis’ Course

  • Group logo of CUNY Assessment Council
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    A group for members of the CUNY Assessment Council, assessment representatives from each campus in the CUNY system.

    Logo credit: Mandy Mei (http://www.mandymei.com)

  • Group logo of ITP Core 1 Fall 2016
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    This course group site will be used for routine communications, and where course readings in .pdf format will be posted in the “Files” section.

  • Group logo of PhD Program in History
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    For History students, faculty,and alumni.

  • Group logo of Maker Technology at CUNY
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    This group is for faculty and staff who are interested in, or working with, maker activities and maker spaces at CUNY.

  • Group logo of Digital Humanities Initiative
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    The CUNY Digital Humanities Initiative (CUNY DHI), launched in Fall 2010, aims to build connections and community among those at CUNY who are applying digital technologies to scholarship and pedagogy in the […]

  • Group logo of Building Asian American Studies Across the Community College Classroom
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    Building Asian American Studies across the Community College Classroom is a program to expand the teaching of Asian American Studies in community college classrooms across humanities disciplines. The program will […]

  • Group logo of Center for Place, Culture and Politics
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    The Center for Place, Culture and Politics at the Graduate Center

  • Group logo of The WAC Resource Center
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    The centralized, online location for articles, tools, and tips designed to support
    Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) at CUNY.

    NOTE TO 2015-2016 WAC FELLOWS: If you’re looking for the advance readings and the […]

  • Group logo of Clouds
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    FALL 2016 | CUNY GRADUATE CENTER | ENGL 89500 / MALS 7850

  • Group logo of The Teaching and Learning Center
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    This is a public group for the Graduate Center’s Teaching and Learning Center. Join for notifications of events, and to participate in conversations about teaching and learning on the TLC Forum.

    Our website can […]