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    College: CUNY Central
    Title: Adult & Continuing Education Program Coordinator
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    College: Kingsborough Community College
    Title: Assistant Professor
    Academic Interests: Nineteenth century American literature and culture, early industrial period, environmental history and […]
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center
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    Positions: MA student, MALS, CUNY Graduate Center; Communications and Research Specialist, Office of the Provost, Lehman College
    Academic Interests: The Long 18th Century, English literature, the history of just about everything, rhetorical theory, […]
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    Positions: Professor, PhD Program in Urban Education, CUNY Graduate Center; Founder & Coordinator (2002 to 2017), Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Doctoral Certificate Program, CUNY Graduate Center; Co-Founder & Co-Director, New Media Lab, CUNY Graduate Center; Co-Founder & Co-Director, Digital Humanities Track, M.A. in Liberal Studies, CUNY Graduate Center; Senior Academic Technology Officer, Provost's Office, CUNY Graduate Center; Consortial Faculty Member, Murphy Institute for Worker Education & Labor Studies, CUNY School of Professional Studies; Faculty member, Certificate Program in American Studies, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: history labor history academic technology pedagogy digital humanities political economy teaching urban education
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    Position: College Assistant, Joseph S. Murphy Institute, CUNY School of Professional Studies
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    Position: Associate Director, Financial Aid, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
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    Position: Assistant Professor, History, Political Science and Philosophy, Kingsborough Community College
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    Position: Writing & Literacy Coordinator, ISSP, Lehman College
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    Position: Community Facilitator, CUNY Academic Commons, CUNY Graduate Center