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My first Deposit!

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    Monica Berger

    I decided to contact the publishers of the traditional journals where I had published in the past and ask about their policies on self-depositing. I heard back very fast from Taylor & Francis and with not too much effort, just deposited one of my articles in the main library science eprints repository.

    If anyone wants to ask me about the process, I can share what I had to do. I like knowing that my articles might get a little more readership now.


    Great news! I put everything I could in DLIST at the U of Arizona. I’m hopeful that when CUNY gets its IR up and running, I can also put copies of the same materials there, too.

    Monica Berger

    Oh! I used E-LIS. Let me try DLIST too. I actually got the idea of doing this from you. It just took a really long time for me to get around to contacting the publishers.


    Yay for you! Someday I will find 30 minutes to start doing this too . . .
    I think it would be TERRIFIC if you (collectively who have done it) wrote up
    a bit on how you went about it and what it was like. It would inspire the
    rest of us a lot! If it were posted on the commons site then a message
    about it could be sent to culibs for wider circulation. Thanks for sharing

    On 3/20/13 10:43 AM, “CUNY Academic Commons” wrote:

    Monica Berger

    Thanks Mariana. I’d be glad to put something together with Stephen and others.


    Awesome on all counts! It’d be great to post what you all write on the OA @ CUNY blog, too, if you’re amenable?


    Fantastic, Monica! And, yes, let’s get this on the OA @ CUNY blog. I can pitch in too: I have all of my articles that weren’t already in gold OA journals in the E-LIS repository…except for one, one that they rejected because they said it was computer science, not library science. And not just anyone can post to So that sad little article is repository-less, sitting on my personal website until CUNY gets a repository.


    Jill’s presentation inspired me, and both my articles were accepted into E-LIS! I am so glad I went to that talk… so helpful!!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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