Maura A. Smale (she/her)

Chief Librarian, Professor, CUNY Graduate Center

I'm Chief Librarian at Mina Rees Library and Professor in the Grad Center's Interactive Technology and Pedagogy and Digital Humanities programs. I'm interested in how and where students do their academic work, critical librarianship, open teaching and scholarship, and game-based learning in higher ed.

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Academic Interests

critical librarianship, academic culture, information literacy, information-seeking behavior, game-based learning, open access, scholarly communication, anthropology, ethnography, archaeology, instructional technology

  • Chief LibrarianLibraryCUNY Graduate Center
  • ProfessorInteractive Technology and Pedagogy; Digital HumanitiesCUNY Graduate Center

Master of Library and Information Science, Pratt Institute
MA, PhD, Anthropology, New York University
BA, Anthropology, University of Chicago


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