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    College: Borough of Manhattan Community College
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    Academic Interests: I mostly write about zines, which should be a big help in digital humanities work. ;)I'm working with a […]
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    Positions: MA student, MALS, CUNY Graduate Center; Grants Specialist, Office of the Provost, Lehman College
    Academic Interests: The Long 18th Century, English literature, the history of just about everything, rhetorical theory, […]
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    Ian Phillips
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    Positions: Lab Manager - Second Language Acquisition Lab, Linguistics, CUNY Graduate Center; Adjunct Lecturer, Anthropology, City College of New York; Adjunct Lecturer, School of Education Department of Curriculum & Teaching, Hunter College
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    Positions: Research Associate, Public Space Research Group, CUNY Graduate Center; GC Digital Fellow, Graduate Center Digital Initiatives, CUNY Graduate Center; PhD student, Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: public space, environment, social justice, arts, GIS, data visualization
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    Patrick Sweeney
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    Position: PhD Candidate, Psychology, CUNY Graduate Center
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    Manuel C. Co Jr.
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    College: Hunter College
    Title: Adjunct Lecturer
    Academic Interests: Population Health, Urban and Built Environment, Informatics, Data Visualization, Pedagogy, Classical Music
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    Position: Executive Director, Research and Sponsored Programs, CUNY Graduate Center
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    George Lam
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    Position: Assistant Professor of Music, Performing and Fine Arts, York College
    Academic Interests: Composition, Music Theory, Documentary Film
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    Andrew G McKinney
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center
    Title: Digital Fellow at the Graduate Center, OpenLab Community Facilitator at City Tech
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    Position: Assistant Director, Wellness Center, CUNY Graduate Center
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    College: Queens College
    Title: Associate Professor
    Academic Interests: Early American Literature Circum-Altantic Studies American Studies