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    Zachary Lloyd
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    Position: PhD student, Comp Lit, CUNY Graduate Center
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    Andie Silva
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    Position: Assistant Professor, English, York College
    Academic Interests: digital humanities/digital pedagogyhistory of the bookearly modern literature and culturebibliography
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    Position: Master's student, Computer Science, Hunter College
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center
    Title: PhD candidate in History
    Academic Interests: Medieval Studies Certificate Program
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    Marcos S Pinto
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    Academic Interests: Pedagogy and IoT
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    Alec McClure
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    Position: Assistant Professor of Game Design, Humanities, Hostos Community College
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    College: LaGuardia Community College
    Title: Professor MEC Department
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    Iris Finkel
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    Position: Reference and Instruction Librarian/Visiting Lecturer, Library, Hunter College
    Academic Interests: Digital scholarship in libraries; embedded librarian models; visual literacy
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    Position: Adjunct Instructor, Music, Brooklyn College
    Academic Interests: Music education, music and deafness, percussion, jazz history, sea chanteys, music of Quebec, music and […]
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    Greet Van Belle
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    Position: Director, CenterforTeaching, Learning and Educational Technologies, York College
    Academic Interests: Teaching, Learning, Educational technologies, world languages, French