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Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences

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  • Associate ProfessorBehavioral SciencesYork College
  • Associate ProfessorPsychology - Behavior Cognitive NeuroscienceCUNY Graduate Center

Ph.D. University of California, San Diego Psychology 1999 


  1. Duncan R.O., Sample, P.A., Bowd, C., Weinreb, R.N., & Zangwill, L.M. (2012). Arterial spin labeling fMRI measurements of decreased blood flow in primary visual cortex correlates with decreased visual function in human glaucoma. Journal of Vision Research. 60: 51-60.
  2. Bai, X., Duncan, R.O., Horowitz, B., Glodstein, S., Graffeo, J., Lavin, J. (2012). The added value of 3D simulations in healthcare education. Journal of Nursing Education. 4(2): 67-72.
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  5. Lu K., Perthen, J.E., Duncan, R.O., Zangwill, L.M., & Liu, T.T. (2008). Non-invasive Measurement of the Cerebral Blood Flow Response in Human Lateral Geniculate Nucleus with Arterial Spin Labeling fMRI. Human Brain Mapping. 29(10): 1207-14. 
  6. Duncan, R.O. & Boynton, G.M. (2007). Tactile Hyperacuity Thresholds Correlate with Finger Maps in Primary Somatosensory Cortex (S1). Cerebral Cortex. 17(12): 2878-91. 
  7. Duncan, R.O., Sample, P.A., Weinreb, R.N., Bowd, C., & Zangwill, L.M. (2007). Retinotopic Organization of Primary Visual Cortex in Glaucoma: A Method for Comparing Cortical Function with Damage to the Optic Disk. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 48(2): 733-44. 
  8. Duncan, R.O., Sample, P.A., Weinreb, R.N., Bowd, C., & Zangwill, L.M. (2007). Retinotopic Organization of Primary Visual Cortex in Glaucoma: Comparing Cortical Function with Visual Field Loss. Prog Retin Eye Res. 26(1): 38-56. 
  9. Duncan, R.O. & Boynton, G.M. (2003). Cortical Magnification within Human Primary Visual Cortex Correlates with Acuity Thresholds. Neuron. 38(4): 659-71. 
  10. Duncan, R.O., Albright, T.D., & Stoner, G.R. (2000). Occlusion and the interpretation of visual motion: Perceptual and neuronal effects of context. Journal of Neuroscience. 20(15): 5885-97. 

Academic Interests

Game-based learning, Undergraduate research, Learning Sciences,

[MRI], [fMRI], [glaucoma], [perception], [technology], [psychology], [neuroscience], [ophthalmology], [games], [pedagogy], [learning], [memory], [machine learning], [artificial intelligence]

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