Setting up DH Box for scikit-learn

This document explains how to setup the DH Box platform for the scikit-learn machine learning package’s Working with Text Data exercise.
  1. Connect to and sign up for 24 hours or more. 
  2. Log in.
  3. Try clicking on the second-topmost tabs: Home, File Manager, etc.
    1. We will only use the Command Line in this case
  4. Log in using the command line.
    1. Click on the Command Line tab
    2. Enter your username, and then your password
  5. In this document, we will not bother familiarizing ourselves with linux commands. Type the following command and press enter: 
pip3 list
  • pip is the package manager for python; pip3 is used for python 3, which we will use here. you will often use it to install additional components for python.
  1. The above command will throw an error so we need to work around it. See:
  2. Let’s type in this command:
pip3 install setuptools==7.0 --user 
  1. Then type the following command and press enter:
pip3 install scikit-learn --user
  • This will take a while, and if everything goes well you will see something like this:
Successfully installed scikit-learn
Cleaning up...
  1. Just to be sure, let’s run this again:
pip3 list
  • Now we should see scikit-learn in the list. That’s it! 
  1. Great! Now we can start working with python and scikit-learn. Run:
  1. Head over to the Loading the 20 newsgroups dataset section of the scikit-learn tutorial and follow along.


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