Literacy Narrative Reflection

Magally Dorado Amigon

Freshman Comp

Feb 28, 2020

Professor Ellis


Throughout the process of writing this essay I learned that there are different types of essays that can be written and they all have a very specific format to them. Some may be more difficult to write while others may seem a bit simpler. While writing this literacy narrative, I’ve learned not only more about the writing elements and how to properly structure this essay but I was able to learn more about myself while writing and more about my strengths and weaknesses. I was able to have more guided support not only from my great professor but from our tutor who would be in the classroom on Fridays for any extra help. The literacy narrative was an easier essay to write than what I’ve written in my previous school years. Considering that this is a college class, it was fairly easy and I am a bit disappointed that we were not taught this earlier. Although this is something new to me, I strongly believe that the helpful tips and the constructive criticism of my peers and mentors helped to shape my essay into its final state. Not only was I able to get better in my writing but I was able to get better at giving feedback in the classroom. We were left with the task of reviewing our peers’ work which helped all of us get to know each other and the way we write better. The  process of writing the literacy narrative has been quite eventful because I’ve learned more about how to write better. One thing that I am taking away from this essay to the next is that you can never have too many drafts of an essay.


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