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Timeline of Project

December 2012: Idea first developed in ITP class, inspired by KFitz’s Planned Obsolescence and a less than satisfying class blog experience

September 2013: Submitted NEH DH Digital Start-Up Grant application

March 2014: Notification of funding – awarded just under 30k (Level 1 tier)

July 2014-December 2015: Grant period

December 2015: Social Paper (beta) released (


Promotion & General Information

Social Paper

Why we need Social Paper


  1. How to Create a Social Paper:
  2. How to Share & Follow Social Papers:
  3. How to Read & Comment on a Social Paper:
Some features/developments that we’re still considering:
1st: collaborative writing and collective attribution
2nd: change log/version control
3rd: print button
4th: footnotes
5th: word count/spell check tool
To request features: email me jennifer.stoops (at) or use the “Report Bug” shortcut to the dev team in the header above, writing “feature request” in the question field.




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Welcome to Social Paper (beta)!

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