My project is to build a course site for  French language students  which is available either on mobile phone, laptop or computer. The  course site is designed to quench the thirst of those of my students who  either want to broaden their knowledge of French or who have special interest in learning some aspects of the language or culture. It means that the course site would be recommended to intrinsic students , not to instrumental students who don’t want to extend their knowledge of French beyond what is offered by the curriculum or  who feel that no interdisciplinary shift can be made from their current major/ minor to any aspect of French language or culture.

The following set of personas are some of my intrinsic undergraduate students -from French 101 to French 202.

  1. Sharmin is  in my French 202 class and would like to share with other French  202 students her passion for Balzac; but she is afraid to participate in  some forum dedicated to Balzac. The reason being that, she finds the literacy level of native French speaker too high for her; plus she is afraid to be laugh at because of her linguistic competence. She believes that a student forum for level 200 students who appreciate French literature would be more valuable for her.
  2. Sharon is a level 101 student and is really interested in French Fashion Industry. She loves wearing brand names  and  she would really love to travel to France and visit les Galeries Lafayette next Summer. Unfortunately, our syllabus did not cover the fashion industry and tourism is reserved for advanced classes. She went online and was lost by most  French tour sites whose language was too sophisticated for her. She would have love to have compendium in clear and understandable language of the Tour sites to Lafayette.
  3. Abdelaziz is majoring in Political Sciences and is doing a part time job in the UN in the International Relation section. He is already conversant in 3 other foreign languages. He is a good French 201 student and  would really have loved to go in depth  of topics related to Human Right with his classmates. However, he has to wait for the French 202 where such topic are slightly exposed. He went on RFI and RFI savoirs, but the level of French was again too high for him.  Thus, he would  have loved to have at  hand articles and newspapers on hot topics in the French speaking world written at his level.  
  4. John is another 202 student at Hunter ; he majors in dance. Indeed, really interested by The French ballet, he would have loved to go to Paris and visit the National Ballet; However, He only knows few technical terms in French that could help him to have a rich conversation with other students once there. It would have been great if he had the opportunity to know more of that jargon before travelling…

 A case scenario: My site could be reached through the browser search by any of my students. To keep it short, I wanted at first to restrict it to the Commons. However, that might limit the number of users in the forum and other exchanges  would have been exclusively limited to Cuny students, whereas I want it to be global so that my student would easily interact with other students around the world.

My “ideal world” version will  use any site builder open enough to let me adjust the images, font, color and posts. In addition, I  want the forum to allow students to upload or download video or vocal sources, edit, copy, paste and delete one’s comments.

 I am  a basics user of HTLM, CSS; Regex and Camtesia  as tools  I ‘know’ to be related in designing the external appearance of the site .  What real other tools I need to use in designing  and administring the site I don’t know yet.  How do I create boxes for rubrics and other functions in the site are not yet mastered.  Consequently, not  mastering the  overall functionality of many tools doesn’t allow me to effectively evaluate the real time I might spend building  my site.



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