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    Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz - "@gioiastevens I’m putting you on the Mina Rees Library Blog as editor – Welcome!"View
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    Positions: Head of Reference, Mina Rees Library, CUNY Graduate Center; Alum 2015, MFA Program in Creative Writing and Literary Translation, Queens College; 2013 - 2014 Fellow, Louis Armstrong House and Museum, Queens College; Alum 2008, Graduate School of Library Information Studies, Queens College
    Academic Interests: My undergraduate education was with the CUNY BA program in Queer Women's Studies, and my MLS held a […]
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    Position: Data & Digital Projects Librarian, Libraries, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: Reference, digital humanities and programming
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    Cynthia Tobar - "Image courtesy of @kissane http://twitpic.com/6ry6ar quote from @textfiles"View
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    Position: Assistant Professor, Head of Archives, Library, Bronx Community College
    Academic Interests: documenting social movements and student activism; oral history and storytelling, socially-engaged art; […]
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    Maura A. Smale - "I’m #744 on the petition — what number are you? http://wh.gov/6TH"View
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    Positions: Chief Librarian, Professor, Library, NYC College of Technology; Professor, Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Doctoral Certificate Program, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: critical librarianship, academic culture, information literacy, information-seeking behavior, game-based […]
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    Position: *Non-CUNY
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    Position: Assistant Professor, Library, Hostos Community College
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    College: Hunter College
    Title: Acting Deputy Chief Librarian
    Academic Interests: Information Literacy History
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center, Hunter College
    Title: Professor Urban Public Health, Sociology, Environmental Psychology Graduate Center and Hunter College
    Academic Interests: Trained as a sociologist, my work about race, gender, sexuality and new media has appeared in the journals […]
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    Position: Head of Reference and Instruction, Library, Brooklyn College
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    College: Hunter College
    Title: Head Librarian, Health Professions Library
    Academic Interests: Scholarly communication, open access publishing, critical information literacy, open science, health […]
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    Position: Instructional Design Librarian, Library, Hunter College
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    Position: Reference and Instruction Librarian/Visiting Lecturer, Library, Hunter College
    Academic Interests: Digital scholarship in libraries; embedded librarian models; visual literacy
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    College: Brooklyn College
    Title: Assistant Professor & Librarian for Business & Sociology
    Academic Interests: Culture, Language, and Information; International Librarianship; Business Librarianship; Information […]
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    John Taylor Pell - "@nfoasberg Congratulations on the mention of your article in the Chronicle: […]"View
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    College: Hunter College
    Title: Assistant Professor Reference and Instruction Librarian CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College
    Academic Interests: I am interested in how people recognize that they need information, set about retrieving information they […]
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    College: Hunter College
    Title: Associate Professor and Head Librarian
    Academic Interests: American History: 1600-1820 Libraries Twentieth Century American Art
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    College: Hunter College
    Title: Assistant Professor, Outreach Reference and Instructional Librarian
    Academic Interests: I am interested in libraries, librarianship, library instruction, library anxiety, evidence-based library […]
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    Position: Special Collections Cataloger, New York University Libraries, *Non-CUNY
    Academic Interests: Library metadata, text mining, electronic resources, digital humanities, open access publishing,
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    College: Hunter College
    Title: Associate Professor
    Academic Interests: Social Psychology; Judgment and Decision-Making about Risk; Attitudes and Persuasion; Media […]
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    College: Hunter College
    Title: Assistant Professor/Bibliographer & Library Liaison to the Hunter English Department
    Academic Interests: English & American Literature; Teaching w/Technology; Information Literacy; Textual Analysis; Milton