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    Ph.D. Program in English Placement Workshop Matthew K. Gold (and Jenny Furlong) October 27, 2017   Skype Interview Tips   The basic elements of a Skype interview are: Location and Scheduling Lighting Audio/Sound Internet connection Clothing Preparation   Before the Interview   Location and Scheduling Think carefully about where to sit for your Skype interview. The space […]

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    This paper is part of a presentation made to students in the Ph.D. Program in English at the Graduate Center, CUNY http://cuny.is/webportfolios Why Create a Porfolio Website? control/curate your digital identity share your work establish networks Types of Portfolio Sites Simple Profiles / Online CVs LinkedIn Profile (proprietary) CUNY Academic Commons Profile (cuny.is) Sharing Your Work […]

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    First Activity:  On piece of paper, write down: one class you will teach soon or one class you taught recently one social network you enjoy being part of (think about what makes it enjoyable) one cultural institution or archive in NYC related to your class one colleague at another institution who may be teaching a similar […]

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