Introduction to Networked Pedagogy: Teach@CUNY Workshop

  1. First Activity: 
On piece of paper, write down:
  • one class you will teach soon or one class you taught recently
  • one social network you enjoy being part of (think about what makes it enjoyable)
  • one cultural institution or archive in NYC related to your class
  • one colleague at another institution who may be teaching a similar class / text
  • one institution offering public programming related to your class
Share with a partner
2. Group Discussion
3. Leveraging networks
a) WordPress
Looking for Whitman —
CUNY Academic Commons –
b) Twitter
c) Github
Syllabi on Github
Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities
4. Explore DPiG site — find two assignments/resources you might use
5. Read and consider submitting to The Journal for Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (including the Assignments section)


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