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  • Profile picture of Aaron Botwick
    College: City College, CUNY Graduate Center , Lehman College
  • Profile picture of Joseph Paul Hill
    Positions: Ph.D. student, Ph.D. Program in Theatre and Performance, CUNY Graduate Center; Graduate Fellow, Office of Career Planning and Professional Development, CUNY Graduate Center; Officer of Digital Initiatives, Doctoral Theatre Students' Association, CUNY Graduate Center; Graduate Student Representative, Music Theatre / Dance Focus Group, ATHE, *Non-CUNY
    Academic Interests: - Deaf and Disability Studies- 19th c. popular entertainments, esp. freak shows, circuses, museums, and […]
  • Profile picture of Sejung Sage Yim
    Positions: Adjunct Instructor (Spring 2017 - Current), Sociology, Queens College; Research Associate (Fall 2012 - Current), The Research Center for Korean Community, Queens College; Program Social Media Fellow (Fall 2018 - Current), Sociology, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: International migration; Race and Ethnicity; Transnationalism; Asian Americans
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    College: Bronx Community College
    Title: Director of Institutional Research and Testing
    Academic Interests: Sociology, Program Evaluation, Assessment
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    Position: Instructional Technology and Multimedia Manager, Office of Faculty Development, CUNY School of Professional Studies
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    Academic Interests: feminist ethnographic methodology, subcultures, and gendered deviance
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    Position: Adjunct Lecturer, Sociology, Queens College
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    College: CUNY Graduate Center
    Title: Assistant Director for Digital Media Lab at the Bard Graduate Center Alumnus of Theatre PhD Program and […]
    Academic Interests: Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, Video Games Studies, Political Economy of Media, Interface Design, […]
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