Joseph Nathan Cohen


Associate Professor of Sociology at Queens College.

Faculty at Queens College Sociology and Data Analytics. Director, Queens Podcast Lab. Studying content creation entrepreneurship. Expertise in media, culture, organizations, communications, and markets. Past Books: Financial Crisis of American Households (2017, Prager) and Global Capitalism (2010, Polity)



Associate Professor, Sociology, Queens College


Ph.D. Sociology (2007, Princeton University)

MA Sociology (2004, Princeton University)

B.I.B. International Business (1999, Carleton University)



2017.  Financial Crisis in American Households: The Basic Expenses that Bankrupt the Middle Class.  Praeger.

2010.  Global Capitalism: A Sociological Perpsective (with Miguel Centeno).  Polity.

Academic Interests

Media.  Money.  Marketing.  Web 2.0.  Content Creation.  Creative Entrepreneurship.  Research Methodology.  Quantitative Analysis.