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Educational Materials from The Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project

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    Good Afternoon TLH Colleagues,

    The Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project has generously offered their drawing packets and curriculum—please see attached. I don’t know if these materials are useful to anyone in the TLH Community or their networks, but they are so gorgeous and well done, I wanted to send them along. Please feel free to share, and please ask people to credit the artists who created them (see email below from Kyes Stevens for more information). I’m only able to post one of the packets, so if you’d like the other two, please let me know. Thank you!




    Greetings friends,

    We are developing a series of independent instructional drawing packets for people who would like to learn more but do not have access to classes (inside, or elsewhere). We have completed 3 of these thus far (working with amazing artists Omari Booker, Barb Bondy, Valerie Downes and Josh Dugat) through the incredible support of the National Endowment for the Arts.

    The concept behind these is to make an accessible packet that includes practice space inside the document–and copied on one side, so that the backs of pages can be used as well. It is also meant to be playful and welcoming.

    As we began with our weekly educational newsletter The Warbler, these instructional guides are available to anyone who’d like to use them. Please do credit the artists who’ve worked so hard to create them, and our program where appropriate.

    We’d welcome any feedback.

    Keep on keepin’ on y’all.


    Kyes Stevens

    Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project

    Auburn University

    Kyes Stevens>


    Alabama Prison Arts + Education Project

    Academic Effectiveness, Office of the Provost

    Auburn University

    O: 334.844.8946

    c: 334.703.6854

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