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Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy: CFP for Issue with Special Forum

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    Param Ajmera

    Hello all!

    I am writing to invite you and your colleagues to consider submitting manuscripts for consideration in an upcoming issue in the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy. Here are some details about the Journal and the forthcoming issue:

    About the Journal

    The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (JITP) seeks scholarly work at the intersection of technology with teaching, learning, and research. We are interested in contributions that creatively take advantage of the affordances of digital platforms and critique their limitations. We invite both textual and multimedia submissions employing interdisciplinary and innovative approaches in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Besides scholarly papers, the submissions can consist of audio or visual presentations and interviews, dialogues, or conversations; creative/artistic works; manifestos; or other scholarly materials, including work that addresses the labor and care considerations of academic technology projects.

    Upcoming Issue with a Forum on Teaching in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Normal teaching and learning processes are occurring amidst difficult and confusing times: the ever-intensifying impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the acute awareness of racial and social injustices exposed during its rippling aftermath, all of it compounded by the looming emergency of climate disasters threatening to dismantle entire communities. Even so, instructors and students have adapted to such circumstances, many relying on digital tools to replace face-to-face instruction. This featured section will showcase submissions addressing the challenges and innovations in interactive technology and pedagogy that have emerged in the midst of crisis.

    For the upcoming issue, we will accept both general submissions on any topic within the field, as well as contributions destined for a subsection featuring conversations on teaching in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The full call for submission can be found here:

    Brief Guidelines for Submissions

    Research-based submissions should include discussions of approach, method, and analysis, so as to provide a teachable model for future researchers. When possible, research data should be made publicly available and accessible via the Web and/or other digital mechanisms, a process that JITP can and will support as necessary. Successes and interesting failures are equally welcome. Submissions that focus on pedagogy should balance theoretical frameworks with practical considerations of how new technologies play out in both formal and informal educational settings. Discipline-specific submissions should be written for non-specialists.

    For further information on style and formatting, accessibility requirements, and multimedia submissions, consult JITP’s accessibility guidelines, style guide and multimedia submission guidelines.

    Important Dates

    Submission deadline for full manuscripts for this upcoming issue is December 2nd, 2020. Please view our submission guidelines for information about submitting to the Journal. This issue is slated for publication in May 2021.

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