Di Yoong


PhD candidate, Critical Social/Personality & Environmental Psychology | GCDI Digital Fellow.

Broadly, I am interested in identities as discourses, and the ties between transnationalism and diasporas. Currently, I am working on several projects that is exploring identities as discourses, including in alt-right spaces, K-pop/Hallyu, and the experiences of queer and trans Asian (American) in the US.


As a GC Digital Initiatives Digital Fellow, I am invested in discussions on ethics in projects within computational social science, digital humanities, and public humanities projects. I am also keen in bridging gaps of technology literacy, especially with communities on the margins. I am familiar with content management systems (CMS) such as Omeka, Mukurtu, and WordPress, and also comfortable supporting folx with questions on Python and R. 


Intro to Python

Data Literacies

Basic Audio Editing with Audacity

Podcast Recording & Editing

Data Privacy and Ethics of Remote Learning

Intro to R