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PLEASE ANSWER! How often do you want to meet?

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    Hey guys, thank you all for coming! I really enjoyed today’s meeting.

    So, today some of the group expressed desire to meet more often. They felt that three weeks might be too long, and you will end up forgetting things.

    I do tend to agree with that, and I’m in to meet more frequently. My only concern is that we make sure we can have something sustainable. As the semester progresses, we all get more busy and more stressed, so we should take that into account.

    Taking those things into consideration, how often would you like to meet? Do you think we could meet every other Friday? Do you think we should keep doing it once every three weeks? Do you want to do it every single week?

    Tell me how you feel about this.

    Nadezda Chikurova

    I would like to meet every other week.

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    every other week would also work (though there might be some days where I can’t make it). i think having it more frequently can be helpful to the process of learning and practice! 🙂

    Federico Di Pasqua

    Every other week works very well for me


    To do it every other week, and because of Thanksgiving, we could do it on:

    nov 8
    nov 22
    dec 6

    What do you think?


    Every other Friday works for me!

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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