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Please vote for the next SCRT meeting

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    Hello colleagues,

    At our meeting near the beginning of the semester we mentioned planning for a meeting sometime in December to do a postmortem of our OA Week events and get a jump on planning for SCRT activities in the Spring semester.

    Please take a minute to vote for a date that works for you for a meeting. We don’t have a location yet but will try for the Grad Center.

    And if none of these dates work for you, please let us know! It might be better to plan the meeting for January if there’s not a critical mass for December.

    Maura & Jill


    Hi everyone,

    While we do have votes for December meetings, we’ve also heard from folks that January would be much, much better. So we’d like to propose that we have our next meeting in January.

    Apologies for another poll, but if you could take a few quick minutes to vote for a January date, that would be great!

    Maura & Jill


    Hi everyone,

    I’d like to suggest that we close the poll now and declare Tuesday, January 22nd from 3-5pm the winner for our next meeting, as it’s the date/time with the most votes. Thanks for voting!

    Amy, would it be possible for us to reserve the small room on the LL of the library for our meeting? Thanks for considering!

    Maura & Jill

    Amy Ballmer

    I reserved the Grad Center meeting space – room C196.05, concourse level of the library


    Thanks Amy, you’re the best!


    Sorry that I didn’t remember to vote but January 22 from 3-5 is good for me. See y’all then.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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