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A place to share ideas and best practices on planning, piloting, implementing, and/or assessing ePortfolios.


CAT ePortfolio Subcommittee 2009-2010

  • This year differs from last year in that many of us are no longer viewing ePortfolios from the outside looking in. A number of campuses have embarked on pilot projects with plans to move forward in Fall 2009. This creates an entirely new dimension and especially because the ePortfolio Subcommittee draws its membership from different campuses and different campus roles. For our first CAT meeting this Friday, please let me know if you have topics you would like to discuss as part of our planning process for 2009 – 2010. I would like to see us create an agenda with goals and timetables related to the development of a set of “platform independent” principles and practices for ePortfolios. Please visit the CUNY Academic Commons ePortfolio Forum to post any other ideas: log onto the Commons, go to “Groups,” then ePortfolios. You will find the forum there. Or just send me an e-mail

    Another topic on the agenda is Trent Batson’s AAEEBL group — there have been a number of reminders posted abouta possible CUNY-wide membership over the summer. I have attached the most recent communication from Trent Batson, which has the 2009-2010 Plans for AAEEBL. These include a World Summit, Regional Chapters, and the first AAEEBL study. Step 1 is to determine if there is sufficient interest for multiple-campus membership. Then we can assess whether or not there sufficient interest in our group to justify organizing a Northeast Regionsl chapter. Thanks. I look forward to seeing you on Friday. Barbara

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