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Ph.D.    State University of New York at Stony Brook: Sociology, 1978
M.A.      State University of New York at Stony Brook: Sociology, 1973
M.A.      State University of New York at Stony Brook: Music, 1996
B.A.       Vanderbilt University: Psychology, 1970 (3-Year Graduate)

Summer Fellowship for Three-Year Graduates. 1968. Vanderbilt University.
Research Fellow, SUNY Center for Literature and Culture, Paris, France, 1972-73
NIMH Methodology Traineeship: 1970-1974. State University of New York at Stony Brook, Department of Sociology.
NIMH Post-Doctoral Research-in-Service Award: 1976-77:  Cognitive Styles and  Spatial Reasoning among Preschool Children, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Department of Psychiatry.    

Doctoral Dissertation:  The Politics of Aesthetic Judgment — an empirical analysis of the changing art world and patrons with “modern” art shaping the site of struggle for status and power among different groups, especially recently assimilated Jews, in fin-de-siècle France.
MA Thesis in Sociology:  Path Analysis of Teaching Evaluations.
MA Thesis in Music:  W.A. Mozart and The Magic Flute:  Aria as Drama.

BA in Psychology/Sociology, Senior Thesis: Urban Segregation Index and Black Suicide Rates

Guest Scholar and Visiting Appointments:

University of Notre Dame, Kellogg Institute for International Studies, Guest Scholar, 2019-2020
University of Notre Dame, Center for the Study of Religion and Society, Visiting Scholar, 2017-2019
Oxford University, Blackfriars Hall and Las Casas Institute, Visiting Scholar, Spring 2016

Professional employment- Academic

2017 – present     City University of New York, Professor Emerita

2017 — 2021         CUNY-Queens College, Adjunct Professor, Sociology

2011 – 2017         CUNY School of Professional Studies, Professor and 
                                       Academic Director, Sociology and Human Relations
2005 — 2011                   Consortial Faculty, Communication and Culture
2006 — 2008                   Consortial Faculty, Business

2008 – 2017          CUNY Kingsborough, Professor of Sociology (tenured)
2006 – 2008          CUNY Kingsborough, Associate Professor of Sociology
                                      Editor, Distinctions: An Honors Student Journal
                                      Co-Director, Opening Doors Learning Community 
1997 – 2006           CUNY Kingsborough, Assistant Professor of Sociology

1978 -1990            Private Sector/Publicly Held Corporation. — VP, Human Resources

1985-86                 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk, VA

1986-87                 Virginia Opera, Interim Executive Director 

1976-77                 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, SUNY-Stony Brook, Psychiatry    
1975-76                 Vanderbilt University, Instructor/Sociology and Women’s Studies
1974-75                 College of William and Mary, Visiting Assistant Professor, Sociology
1971-72                 Fellow, SUNY Center for Literature and Culture, Paris, France  
1971-74                 SUNY Stony Brook, NIMH Methodology Trainee

1969                       Vanderbilt University, RA in Sociology; U.S. Census, Interviewer

1978 – 1990          Vice-President of Human Resources, Virginia Retail Chain

Professional employment - corporate
Director then Vice President of Human Resources — 1978-1990
With Executive management and I/O PsD student interns, initiated and developed the Human Resource function for a retail chain during its period of expansion from $100 million to $500 million in sales and from 1,500 to 6,000 employees and its transformation from privately owned to publicly held. Developed and maintained high performance and high ethical standards of behavior for HR staff and middle management within the corporation and in our external relations with educational and cultural institutions, professional associations, and governmental agencies.  (24/7)
I began working in the industry as a high school student and with this company as cashier then pharmacy tech while in college and grad school. 
Duties included:       
  • Oversight and leadership in the development and full implementation of job analysis, job descriptions, selection, and performance appraisal system with top management and I/O PsyD student interns        
  • With executive and middle management creation and communication of new store opening and existing store upgrade plans, including personnel needs 
  •       – Oversight with hand-on participatory management on-site recruitment and hiring         
  • Wage and salary administration including bonus pay systems for store and middle management in coordination with executive management, payroll, and accounting
  • Development and administration of management development programs in-house and in coordination with Tidewater Community College and Old Dominion University         
  • Advocacy for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through human influence as well as the development of policies and procedures in compliance with EEOC regulations
  • Communication among managers and top management regarding HR goals and personnel actions, standards, and the particulars, including participation and presentations at store level meetings with all employees and corporate level meetings with executive and middle management
  •        – Maintenance of grid for in-store positions and personnel
  •        – Design and maintenance of employee handbook      
  • With Board of Directors and legal counsel: development, implementation and communication of the Profit Sharing (defined contribution) and ESOP plan:          
  •        – With Accounting Staff and external financial institutions, administration of the profit-sharing plan:   
  •                §  with legal counsel, design, publication, and circulation of Profit Sharing pamphlet.
  •                §  administration of employee accounts and communications – growth from 631 to 1035 participants.                
  •                §  administrative management of trust fund – growth from $3.77 million to $14.29 M.
  •                      —  organized and administered system of multiple investment managers with plan performance review                 
  •                      — coordination of communication between trustees, investment managers, legal counsel, in-house accounting, executive management, and employees         
  • Prompt, accurate, and transparent reporting and compliance with regulatory requirements and agents         
  • Representing the corporation at local, regional, and national organizational meetings and conferences through research and board service
Continuing Education

NCHEC, 2022,  Introduction to Health Equity and Racial Justice; TZK Seminars, 2022,    Clinical Psychopharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple; TZK Seminars, 2022, Women’s Reproductive Mental Health and Justice; TZK Seminars, 2022, CBT with Aging Individuals; Promoting Brain Health-Middle-Aged and Older Adults; CE You! 2022, Not Your Grandma’s Freud!  A Fresh Look at PsychodynamicTheory and Practice; Queens College, 2021, COIL Initiative of Queens College, Certificate; University of Notre Dame-Kroc-Kellogg, 2021, Peace, Crime, Conflict, Violence Summer Workshop; Queens College, 2020, Best Practices for Teaching Online Summer Workshop; Schusterman Center — Brandeis University, 2016, (4 days) Israel:  Balance and Complexity; Kingsborough, 2011, Hybrid and Online Recertification; Evergreen College, 2003, Learning Communities Summer Workshop; Kingsborough, 2000, WAC Certification

Harvard Business School, 1985 (3 days) Seminar for Top Management in Retailing; IBM 1984, (2 days) Business Systems Planning;  The Wharton School 1981 (3 days) Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Executives  



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Scholarly Research Articles and Reviews:

Walters, Barbara R.  2022. Yvette of Huy, Eustache, Henry of Orval, Eve of Saint-Martin, in Dictionary of Cistercian Saints, hrsg. Von Mirko Breitenstein, Jorg Sonntag und Alkuin Schachenmayr, Frankfurt am Main: AMAD. [forthcoming].

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Articles (last 15 years):  

Bonet, Giselle, and Barbara Walters.  2106. High Impact Practices: Student Retention and Engagement.  The College Student 15 (2), 223-235.

Walters, B. 2013. Catalyst for Learning: Eportfolio Resources and Research Blog:
CUNY SPS Leadership Team Member, Contributor to Catalyst for Learning: Eportfolio Resources and Research Blog

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Government Reports (Sample)

Morrison, R., Walters, B., 1989. Review of the Regulation of Acupuncture in Virginia.  Report of the Board of Health Professions to the Governor and the General Assembly of Virginia, Senate Document No. 19, Commonwealth of Virginia.

Morrison, R., Walters, B.  1988.  Review of the Regulation of Hypnosis in Virginia.   Report of the Board of Health Professions to the Governor and General Assembly.  Senate Document.

Pollack, Clementine, and Members of the Task Force for the Study of the Definition of Nursing. 1987. Report to the Director of Health Regulatory Boards on the Definition of the Practice of Nursing.  Virginia Department of Health Regulatory Boards.

Conference papers – Scholarly and Research:

Walters, Barbara R. 2019.  CEDAW:  Removing the Beam to View the Splinters. Presentation to the Research and Analysis in Religion and Society Workshop, Center for the Study of Religion and Society, The University of Notre Dame, March 27, 2019.

Walters, Barbara R. 2018.  Religiosity, CEDAW, and the Rights of Women.  Annual Meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion.  Philadelphia, PA.

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Walters, Barbara, and Bonnie Oglensky.  2015.  Virtual Roundtable:  The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace.  Conceptualized, Organized faculty, purchased and distributed copies of the book and participated in the scholarly discussion.

Walters, Barbara R.  2014.  Normative Human Rights from a Sociological Point of View.  Annual Meeting of the Association for the Sociology of Religion.  San Francisco, CA. 

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Walters, B.R.  2005.  Homo quidam fecit Contra Virgo flagellatur crucianda : Text and Musical  Subtext.  ICMS.

Conference papers – Scholarship of Teaching and Learning:

Walters, Barbara, and Bonnie Oglensky, Co-Organizers.  2015.  Sociology in Cyberspace:  Mapping the Curriculum.  Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Association.  New York, New York.

Walters, Barbara R. and Melodye Lehnerer.  2014.  Eportfolio 101:  High Impact Eportfolio Teaching and Learning Strategies for Sociology Majors.  Workshop, Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association.  San Francisco, CA.

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Walters, B.R. 2003.  Writing Intensive Sociology for ESL and other Diverse Student Groups. New York, NY:  CUNY Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Faculty Development Seminar.

Walters, B.R with KCC Team 2001.  ESL Intensive Linked to SOC31- Writing Intensive.  Atlanta, GA:  21st Century Learning Outcomes Project, Best Practices Poster.

Grants and awards

PSC-CUNY Research Award:  A Comparative Study of Muslim and Other Religous Students.  2018.

Kingsborough Faculty Achievement Award(s)                                        

  • 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,  2017

PSC-CUNY Research Award:  A Comparative Study of Islamic Students, 2014

PSC-CUNY Research Award High Impact Practices:  Engagement and Retention, 2013

Connect to Learning: LaGuardia/FIPSE (Co-PI): ePortfolio, Engagement and Student Success, 2011

PSC-CUNY Research Award: Downtown and Bushwick: Contrasting Neighborhoods, 2010

Making Connections: LaGuardia/FIPSE (Co-PI):  e-Portfolio Mini-Grant, Making Connections, 2009

PSC-CUNY Research Award: Teaching and Learning in the Twenty-First Century, Developing a Strategic Model, 2008

The Michael Ribaudo Information Technology Award, 2007

PSC-CUNY Research Award: The Feast of Corpus Christi, 2005                                        

Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, 2004

Sloan — CUNY Online Faculty, 2002

PSC-CUNY Research Award, 2002 

PSC-CUNY Research Award, 2001

KCC Scholarly and Applied Research Award, 2001

NIMH Research-In-Service Award, 1976-77

SUNY Stony Brook NIMH Methodology Trainee, 1971-74                

Vanderbilt University Summer Fellowship for Three-Year Grads, 1970                      

Department, College, and university Service

Founder, Faculty Mentor and Editor, Distinctions:  An Honors Student Journal,

                2005-2008:  Three volumes, six issues

Chair, Faculty Advisory Committee for Honors Student Journal, 2005 – 2009

Advisory Committee, Honors Program, KCC, 2006 – present

Advisory Committee, Academic Integrity and Honesty, 2006 – 2009

Advisory Committee, Strategic Planning, Innovative Classroom Deliver, 2006- 2009

Co-Organizer, Eco-Festival Symposium, KCC, 2006

BEH Department Curriculum Committee, Secretary, 2000 to 2005

KCC 21st Century Learning Outcomes Task Force, 2000-02

KCC Rubrics Task Group, Winter, 2002

KCC, Resource Committee on the Preparation of Scholarly and Creative Works, 2002– 2009

KCC Learning Communities Task Group, 2003-04

KCC Learning Communities Advisory Board, 2005-2008

KCC Institutional Review Board, 2003 – 2009

CUNY Steering Committee for Online Resources and Education, 2005-2006

                Effective Practices Subcommittee

                Curriculum Development Subcommittee

                Upper Division Curriculum Development Subcommittee

CUNY School of Professional Studies BA, 2006 – 2011

                Committee on the Faculty 

                Curriculum Committee

                Program Research Committee

                Executive Committee

SPS Governing Council, 2007 to 2017

                Academic Review Committee, 2007-10

                Chair, Personnel Committee, 2008-2012

                Personnel Committee, 2008 to 2017               

CUNY Committee on Academic Technology, 2008- present

                Chair, ePortfolio Subcommittee, 2008-2014


                Program Committee, 2011 – 2013

                Program Committee Chair, 2013

PSC-CUNY Education Panel, 2011-2012

CUNY Eportfolio and Digital Technology “Unconference” Organizer:  2013-2014

Professional associations

American Sociological Association

                Ethics Committee, 1987-89, Chair, 1989.

                Representative to National Council of State Associations, 1986

                Teaching and Learning: 

                                Cooperative Initiatives Committee, 2005-06

                                ASA Council Representative, 2012-2014

                Jesse Bernard Award Committee, 2017-2019

                Committee on the Status of Women, 2018 – 2020

Eastern Sociological Society

                Executive Council, 2014-15

Medieval Academy of America

Association for the Sociology of Religion

Sociologists for Women in Society

                Founding Member, New York Chapter, 1972

                Steering Committee, 2000

                Chair, Membership Committee, 2000-2002

AAEEBL, Program Committee, 2010-2012

                Program Co-Chair, 2013

community and public service

Lector, EM, CCD and RCIA instructor, homeless shelter, Holy Trinity, St. Anselm, St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, NY and Brooklyn, 2000-present.

Commonwealth of Virginia, Board of Health Professions, 1985-90.

  • Chair, Scope and Standards of Practice Committee
  • Member, Legislative Committee

Commonwealth of Virginia, Chair, Secretary’s Task Force on the Utilization of Nurse Practitioners,1989-90.

Commonwealth of Virginia, Secretary’s Task Force on the Regulation of Psychology, 1988-90.

Commonwealth of Virginia, Governor’s Task Force on the Need for a Redefinition of Nursing, 1986-87.

Board of Directors, Virginia Opera, 1983-88.

Board of Directors, Junior Achievement of Norfolk, 1982-1986

Founding Member, 2nd Congressional District, Virginia Women’s Political Caucus, 1982-1985.

  • Chair, Public Relations