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    Shay Culpepper

    Since Professor McSweeney was so excited by all of our visualizations, I really want to see everyone’s! If you are so inclined, post a link to your blog. 🙂

    Shay Culpepper

    Just saw the email for this forum. Sorry for the all caps — made it hella aggressive. Just excited about your work!

    Christofer Gass

    Hi Shay,

    Thank you for your interest in my, and everyone’s, recent data viz blog post. I wanted to walk around and look at everyone’s after our group’s critiques, but they were already being taken down. I have attached the blog page of my data viz website here. Also, I have placed a static image of my data viz below because I don’t like how it is formatted when linked to a page. All critiques are greatly appreciated. Thanks, again, and enjoy.

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    Paula Fleischer

    Hi Shay, thanks for posting this request.  Great idea.

    Christofer, I enjoyed your viz – loved the single color story and the photo of your dad as a boy.

    Here is a link to my blog post.  My viz has two tabs in the story and i’m not sure why the default starts on the 2nd tab.  So if you pop over there, click on the ‘intro’ tab then back to the ‘observations’ tab.  thanks!

    Annalisa Wilde

    Hi all,

    Here’s my “What can the cops learn about me from my phone?” post.

    Excited to see yours.

    Shay, I think you definitely need to share!! 😀


    Shay Culpepper

    Ha! Whoops! Here is mine

    Shay Culpepper

    These are so fun and interesting!

    Christofer – I agree with Paula that the monochromatic palette works really nicely.

    Paula – I never would have thought to document tourist selfies. So clever! I like your use of icons in your bar charts as well

    Annalisa – Thank you for making me even more paranoid than I already was. I am really inspired by your use of annotations to add context to your data.  I laughed out loud when I saw,”Does this implicate me?” Have you ever seen this article about tracking?

    Annalisa Wilde

    Shay- Good work on getting the linked selections to display like in your shoe viz.

    Re:article – I never use location services, but when that article came out I used it to make the argument to all of my friends about why they shouldn’t grant location access to their apps.

    For everyone: if you are a google maps user with location services turned on you should check out your activity at If you look at your location services activity it will show a map of where they have tracked you over time. You can also delete the data.

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