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    Jesse Rice-Evans
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    Position: Graduate student, English, City College of New York
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    Renee Rhodd
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    Els de Graauw
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    Delwar Sayeed
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    Position: aHEO, CTLT, Bronx Community College
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    Raven Gomez
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    Academic Interests: Queer studies, Disability studies, Game-based pedagogy, Educational technology, Urban education, geospatial […]
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    Lisa Hirschfield
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    Positions: Communications and Research Specialist, Office of the Provost, Lehman College; MA student, digital humanities, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: The history of just about everything, public humanities, antiquarianism, information design, interactive […]
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    Mark Chropufka
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    Position: IT Academic Technology Director, Academic Computing Center, Queensborough Community College
    Academic Interests: Artificial IntelligenceBlockchainTechnology Trends
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    Annalisa Wilde
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    Jason Nielsen
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    Inés Vañó García
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    Positions: Ph.D. Candidate, Latin American, Iberian, and Latino Cultures, CUNY Graduate Center; Graduate Teacher Fellow, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation & CUNY Humanities Alliance, LaGuardia Community College; Adjunct Lecturer, Languages and Literatures, Lehman College
    Academic Interests: Glotopolítica: Political history and Institutionalization of the Spanish LanguageSpanish Sociolinguistics / […]
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    John DeLooper
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    Dana Fusco
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    College: York College
    Title: Professor
    Academic Interests: Youth Development Nonformal Learning Informal Learning Out-of-School Time social justice youth work youth […]
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    Hannah House
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    Henry Smart III
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    Academic Interests: Colorism and Administrative BehaviorState Policy and Regional DynamicsAccountability in GovernancePolitics […]
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