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    Hi Diana!

    Thanks so much for starting this group. I am a craft person as well so I was so excited to see you made a space on the Commons for us to connect! Love it!

    I am finishing up an internship at the CUNY Graduate Center Library and as of last Friday am a new CUNY Commons Community Facilitator (which means I get to be very excited by the Commons and spend lots of time here, which I’m thrilled about).

    As far as crafts go, I am a knitter and a weaver. I learned how to weave from classes at F.I.T., which was an excellent experience, very worthwhile if anyone is interested. I have a massive yarn and fiber stash. I have done a little bit of bead work (very simple stuff). I also like to do coloring when I watch TV — I find it very therapeutic.

    I love Etsy but I have to limit my time on there or I would go broke buying things. I also have to not go to Habu Textiles too much — that’s a dangerous (in the most tantalizing way) local yarn and fiber store, oh my!

    I usually give all my stuff away, usually to friends and family….. 🙂

    I think it would be great to set up a directory of everyone’s Etsy shops (if they sell there) and/or other resources that we could share. We could do it as a Doc or as a Wiki that we could link to here on the Commons.

    As far as thoughts on how to create a CUNY crafts community, I think there are loads of options. We could do a blog connected to this group. We could also start a group flickr photostream to showcase work (might be more user friendly than a group blog).

    Hope this wasn’t too much information. Very exciting! Thanks again, Diana.

    CUNY Commons Community Facilitator
    Spring 2013 Special Collections Intern
    Activist Women’s Voices Oral History Project & Archives
    CUNY Graduate Center Library


    Diana Rickard

    Hi, I think doing a blog or flickr stream is a great idea! I think a Wiki to Etsy shops is good too.

    I don’t really know how to set those things up here in the Commons, but will look into figuring it out.

    As I said in an announcement I sent out (I didn’t know how to do a forum thing… new to the Commons), I bead office supplies. I recently opened an Etsy shop, and am excited to network with other crafters. I am sure there are tons of CUNY people who create great things when they aren’t teaching, and I’d love to see other people’s work.



    Valerie Forrestal

    Hello! I’m a librarian at the Staten Island campus, and I cross stitch and make jewelry. I post a lot of my cross stitch projects at: and just started posting my jewelry stuff here:


    Diana Rickard

    Hi Valerie, Great websites!



    Hi everyone,

    Apologies, i think i posted here by accident late last night. total mistake on my part — so sorry about that.

    anyway, hope everyone has a really craft-friendly holiday weekend! i’m so excited this group exists!



    Diana Rickard

    As for crafting this weekend, I’m on a beading office supplies hiatus till late June. Got 100 essay exams to grade, then a conference, then some travel.

    However this weekend I’m working on a small little fun project. I know it sounds weird, but I also bead tampons. These are unique, interesting objects that make fun gifts. I’ll be giving it to a friend at a her birthday picnic on Monday.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend, and if anyone is productive crafting wise, please share.



    Rebecca Salois

    This caught my attention in my twitter feed and I actually joined the commons for this group! I am a scrapbooker, and it is all for my own enjoyment (and I suppose of my future nieces and nephews!). I have never thought to make them for selling. I primarily use Creative Memories for supplies and have a consultant here in the city. Also my sister just recently became a consultant so I always suggest people buy through her if they are online shoppers: she also has a fb and a pinterest for more ideas if you have questions or have “scrappers block” 🙂

    I am glad to be on here in the hopes of meeting other grad student scrappers! I am a PhD student at the GC in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languaes and I teach Spanish at Brooklyn College and Comp. Lit. at Baruch. Scrapping is one of my favorite non-academic releases!

    Thanks for creating the group!


    Diana Rickard

    Hi Rebecca, welcome! I’m excited about this group and sharing progress on projects with each other. Looking forward to seeing your scrapbooking!



    Robin Camille Davis

    Hi all, I’m glad to see this group created since making things is much better in community! Cool show & tell stuff so far.

    Most of my creative endeavors have been at the intersection of technology & craft, like map quilts and laser-cut earrings. Lately I’ve been interested in wearable technology, but have only just begun to get into hands-on work with things like Arduino microprocessors. I hope to start becoming a regular at NYC Resistor to get inspired and learn more, since there’s so many awesome & creative things to explore.


    Diana Rickard

    Hi Robin. I LOVE the map quilt! My friend Meridith does a lot of work with maps. Here’s a link to some dresses she’s made out of maps. Check out the chandelier link too, as those are painted on maps.

    Welcome to the group!



    @dianar wow your friend’s corsets made from maps are so wonderful and fun too! crazy creative!

    @robincamille i love the idea of technology & craft. there’s something so practical and smart about function and form. i am BLOWN AWAY by the fact that your Providence map quilt GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! that’s just so incredibly awesome.

    back when i was more actively weaving i found this incredible stainless steel yarn ( from Habu Textiles (warning: v addictive place!).

    is the Arduno microprocessor part of your work with Raspberry Pi? i had started a summer technology project or i would have bought one and played with it — it looks so cool. i love how you are documenting that on your blog.

    resistors are such a great idea. i think sharing tools and resources — not to mention having that shared community — is key, especially in nyc.

    very excited to be here, if you couldn’t tell… #oy

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