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Contemplative and Transformative Pedagogy

This CUNY Commons Group is dedicated to continuing and expanding the conversation on Contemplative and Transformative Education begun by the CUNY Contemplatives Network. Members of the CUNY Contemplatives Network come from a wide variety of disciplines throughout the University. For many years, we have been teaching with secular contemplative practices, organizing conferences and presentations, publishing, and meeting regularly throughout CUNY.

What are Contemplative Practices?
from The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society (
Contemplative practices quiet the mind in order to cultivate a personal capacity for deep concentration and insight. Examples of contemplative practice include not only sitting in silence but also many forms of single-minded concentration including meditation, contemplative prayer, mindful walking, focused experiences in nature, yoga and other contemporary physical or artistic practices. We also consider various kinds of ritual and ceremony designed to create sacred space and increase insight and awareness to be forms of contemplative practice.

The tree of contemplative practices:

This is a link to “Contemplative and Transformative Pedagogy” by Arthur Zajonc, professor of physics at Amherst College:

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