Stefano Morello

Ph.D. Candidate in English, Digital Fellow at the Grad Center and Queens College

Stefano Morello is a fifth-year doctoral candidate in English. His academic interests include American Studies, pop culture, poetics, digital humanities, and archival theory. Oh, and punk-rock.

He wishes he spent more time writing poetry and hanging out at the Poetry Project.

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 M.A. in American Literature,  University of Naples “L’Orientale” 
 M.A. in American Studies, University of Torino



  • Morello, Stefano. “On Jamming: ‘Study’ and the Unstudied.” Jam It! (Journal of American Studies in Italy, n.1 (2019): 4-9.
  • “Like Mother Like Daughter, Like Father Like Son. The Spell of Age in The O.C.” In Comparative Studies in Modernism N. 12 (2018): 121-136.


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  • Nick Hornby, Funny Girl. In L’Indice dei Libri del Mese 7/8 (2015): 46.
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