Fernanda Blanco Vidal

Environmental Psychology Doctoral Student

Fernanda Blanco Vidal is a doctoral student from the Environmental Psychology Program at the Graduate Center (CUNY). She is a Critical Latin American Psychologist from Brazil, and her scholarship focuses on social memory, forced displacement, political suffering and the relationship people have with land and water. She holds an M.A in Sociology from the University Federal of Bahia on Environmental Conflicts and Water expropriation of people displaced by dams in Brazil. She published a book, the “Saudade sim, Tristeza Não – Social Memory, Psychology and Forced Displacement” in which she drew on oral history, archive documents, and visual methodologies to voice the story of a community displaced by a hydraulic power dam 30 years ago. Prior to pursuing a doctoral degree, she has worked with grassroots and social movements in Bahia that fight against dispossessions. As a Ph.D. student, she developed and teaches a course at the Department of Psychology – City College called “Psychology of People in Places – From Climate Changes to Gentrification. With the Teaching and Learning Center at the Graduate Center, she was part of a Focused Inquiry Group on Water Justice and is now in a project focused on Climate Across the Curriculum. Interests: Social Memory and Narratives, Social and Political Subjectivity, Social Movements and Environmental Conflicts, Land, Water, and Agrarian Issues.


Saudade sim, tristeza não (Longing, but not Sadness – Psychology, Social Memory and Forced Displacement) 

Autor(a): Fernanda Blanco Vidal
Ano: 2015
Área: Psicologia social
Editora: Edufba
Edição: 1ª
ISBN: 978-85-232-1350-3
Valor: R$ 30,00
Nº de Páginas: 280
Dimensões: 14 x 21,6 cm
Acabamento: Brochura
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Idioma: Português

A obra traz uma pesquisa que busca compreender a relação entre território, identidade e subjetividade. O fato se deve à proposta do estudo que gerou o livro: trabalhar com as memórias das pessoas atingidas e deslocadas pela barragem de Pedra do Cavalo, localizada na Bahia. Logo, Saudade sim, tristeza não busca compreender como as comunidades atingidas por esta barragem recordavam e significavam os impactos produzidos em suas vidas.