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    George Otte - "Just a couple days to go before the deadline to submit proposals for this year’s CUNY IT Conference. See http://cunyitconference.commons.gc.cuny.edu/full-call-for-proposals/"View
    Positions: Senior Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, CUNY School of Professional Studies; Doctoral faculty, English, Urban Education, and Interactive Technology & Pedagogy, CUNY Graduate Center
    Academic Interests: In a previous life I was an English professor and a director of writing programs. In the late nineties, […]
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    College: Lehman College
    Title: Lehman College, Associate Director, Online Education Lehman College, Associate Director, Online Education. […]
    Academic Interests: Instructional Design Using Adult Learning Theory ▪ Online and Blended Teaching & Learning Environments ▪ Cur […]
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    College: Queensborough Community College
    Title: Assistant Professor
    Academic Interests: I am interested in Business History
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    Jetmir Troshani - "I am Interested on teaching 1 extra hybrid class on #CUNY colleges other than #LAGCC. Below view the classes I already teach at #LAGCC that I could teach on other CUNY colleges. BTC100 Intro to Computers […]"View
    Position: Training Coordinator, ISMD, LaGuardia Community College
    Academic Interests: Blended Learning, Online Communication, Web Tools, New Technology, Content Curation, New Media, […]