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November 22, 2022 in

I adore when my cat’s fur dazzles like a beautiful onyx underneath the summer sun.

I adore when my boyfriend uses his arms like a shield. Protecting me from worries and trauma.

I adore when the condiments of a juicy burger splatter on my taste buds like a Pollock painting.

I adore when my body feels like the world is alright when I lay down after a rewarding shower.

I adore when reassurance is present when I do not look for it

I adore when my mind screams creativity to my hands and they begin to flow on to the paper


I adore when the scent of delicious hearty hot soup melts the icy cold in my nostrils.

I adore when I laugh hard enough that I begin to feel heavy amounts of tears gushing out of my water line and my lungs have malfunctioned for a moment.

I adore when my pants hug me perfectly on my hips like a puzzle piece.

I adore when I am comforted with warm blankets full of optimism.

I adore when the sun peaks through my window and gives me a wave after a long gray day

I adore when the taste of passion fruit brushes up against my inner cheeks from sourness. The echoing of the seeds crunching between my teeth.

I adore when the deep growls of a cello is heard in music.

I adore when my voice locks with the flow of the singer when singing along to my favorite song.

I adore the feel of these keyboards click clacking as I type every word on this piece.