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2 Compositions- Poem and Cartoon

December 13, 2019 in

Composition 1- Poem

Maria’s Lament

I remember
the blinding light glaring on the ceiling
Consciousness going under
in my hospital bed
Something was taken from me

I remember
playing in the green tomato vines
My childhood wonder
came when I had to work to cover
The little we had

I remember what they said on the radio and T.V.
Commenting, jeering
Suppressing my people
But how was I to know that my flesh and blood
Would be a damnation for hypocrites
In well tailored suits. 

I work, I eat, I pray
Of what threat was I?
The there of giving life to more trouble,
More burdens.

I remember
When the stole my virgin fruit
lying to keep me put
To be sterilized, my will dying
Something as taken from me.
I remember. 


Composition 2- Cartoon