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This group is for neophytes to WordPress who are trying to use it as a Bbd alternative and have questions that “everyone knows” the answers to already. Except those who don’t. Quick answers to specific questions is what I envision here, so we can set up our courses without spending hours trying to find out a simple answer. Of course, we NEED EXPERTS in the group to actually answer the questions. All experts and neophytes please join this group!!


synchronizing blogs

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    on my Profile i have a link to my blog on wordpress, and it works fine.

    However, on the left side of the Academic Commons People tab, where it says “activity,” “profile,” “blogs” etc. the link to my blog is erroneous. I can’t figure out how to change that link “blogs” to the same one I have listed under my Profile (“blog”).
    ? any help would be most appreciated!

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  • Hi Susan,

    Right now, there is no way to change the fact that those navigation-bar links point to Commons-related elements (so, “Blogs” shows only blogs on the Commons). In the future, we will be working to create Profile pages that are more modular and customizable, but we’re not there yet.

    The only workaround I can think of is that you could conceivably set up a placeholder blog on the Commons so that it will show up nav-bar list of blogs, and then put up a link there that points visitors to your blog.

    Eventually, if you decide to move your blog to the Commons (or vice versa), it’s very easy to export/import WordPress sites from one installation to another. One advantage of having your blog run on the Commons is that you’ll have a far greater selection of themes and plugins available to you.

    At any rate, I hope that this helps; sorry that an immediate solution is not available.


    Thank you, Matthew! I think I will just start over on Commons. I’ve only posted two entries on my WordPress blog, so i’ll just repost them on the Commons blog.
    (What confused me is that I ended up on WordPress creating a blog because I was pointed there, somehow, by the Commons.)

    One solution is to create a blog on the Commons and add the plugin “Page Links To” (… not sure if this plugin is available on the Commons, Matt, but I’d recommend it.

    Then, create a page on the Commons blog with the URL of your blog entered into the “Page Links To” field at the bottom of the page editor.

    Then, go to Settings>Reading, and select Front Page Displays: A Static Page, and choose the page you created from the drop down menu.

    Click Save.

    Now, when people go to your blog on the Commons, they should be automatically be redirected to your blog at the address you entered.

    You also could explore syndication using FeedWordPress from a tag feed, if you want to cultivate two spaces but republish some of what you write in the other space…

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