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    Giulia Guarnieri

    Hi Scott, thank you very much for your take on why the banner is not turning. I tried to do what you suggested, but it seemed not to work. When I deleted one photos, others got deleted too. Could you clean it out for me ? Or tell me which posts need to be deleted ? Thanks,


    Hi Giulia – I took at your blog just now and noticed it is trying to transfer both of those two images from an external site, but the connection to http://www.blingcheese.com is hanging (see message at the bottom left corner of browser) – is it possible to store those two images locally, in your Media area, on the WordPress dashboard? I think your problem may be solved if the reference to the images is resolved.

    Alternatively, if you want (and no pressure here), you could temporarily give me admin rights to your blog, and I could see if I see anything to fix.

    But I really think that if you just change the address of the image (found on the blog post itself) to a working address, your rotator will start again.


    Hi Giulia – that seemed to work well – I think you must have fixed the first one and I fixed the other – now the rotator seems to be doing its thing. What I did was very simple – the url for the image was pointing to a folder that didn’t exist – so I just copied the url from Media library and pasted it into the blog post custom field.

    Let me know if you need more help – and if not, you can remove me as admin on your blog.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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