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New blog + changed theme -> blank page

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    I just started a new blog for the ITP Core 1 class (http://core1.commons.gc.cuny.edu/). I made a hello world post, and it looked fine. I then changed the theme from the kubrick mu theme. It looked fine in the preview, but now it is loading a blank page — no html (completely empty in the code view).

    One thing that may be relevant – I tried BP-commons first, as it was authored by Boone Gorges and was identified as the AC theme. I figured that the blank image was simply that there was no snapshot jpg. Maybe this is helpful. I tried going back (in the browser) to the cached page in order to try to load a different theme. It loaded the PHP string (i think it was well-formed, but I can’t be sure) but the public view was still white/empty.

    I’m used to solving this by looking on the server or in phpMyAdmin…!



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    Thanks for posting, Michael, and sorry you ran into this problem. We’ll troubleshoot this off-list, but if anyone else out there has a similar issue, please let us know.


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