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Indenting in Sidebar

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    I have a sidebar widget that shows some select sub-pages. I created it using a custom menu. The problem is that it doesn’t indent the child pages, so everything shows up as one level list. I’ve tried using FlexiPages and My Page Order and the same thing happens, so I’m assuming it must have something to do with the CSS for list items in the sidebar area. But I have no idea how to change this. Would anyone happen to knwo the code? I’ve googled but haven’t found anything yet…
    (It is the Title V Subpages widget area right at the top right side of the page)


    Hi Valerie –

    You can use the same Pages widget that you are using on the bottom right of your site, but use the exclude pages by page ID to eliminate the unwanted pages. You’ll see that the indentation of the Pages widget is maintained.

    Finding the page IDs can be a bit of a pain though, but I found this site that explains it:


    Basically while hovering over the page in the edit page panel of the dashboard, look at the browser status bar (at the bottom in Firefox) and you’ll see the ID number.

    In the attached example I’m hovering over the “course descriptions” page and you see that the page ID is 253.

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    thanks michael, i tried this and while i was able to exclude the pages i don’t want, it still aligned everything all the way to the left. i can’t imagine why it would look one way in the bottom widget area and a different way in the top widget, except that the theme i am using (green park 2) uses a completely different settings panel for that bottom widget area and i can’t even access it at the moment (a bug to be fixed in the next release). so, it must be something specific to that sidebar element…

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