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    Hi All –
    Just to let you know we have a plugin that can aggregate one or more Google Calendar feeds and display them, in a page or post, or in your sidebar. Display options include a calendar grid or event list. Our Google Calendar documentation was outdated on the Codex — here is a new “Quick Start” for the Google Calendar Events plugin – http://codex.commons.gc.cuny.edu/2013/07/27/google-calendar-events/
    Hope it helps.


    Hi Scott,
    I’m creating a site on the CUNY Academic Commons and having a tough time trying to embed a Google Calendar to one of the pages on the site.
    Would the Commons consider adding a “widget” button on the editing toolbar so that people who want to add a widget on a page and then just paste the embed code from Google calendar into the widget could do so?


    Joshua — how have you tried to embed the calendar so far? We do not allow
    iframe embeds (ie, the lines of code google gives one by default to embed a
    calendar) due to security risks. However, we do have a plugin on the site
    called “WordPress Google Calendar”; can you let us know whether you’ve
    tried that? To find it, go to your blog dashboard, click on Plugins in the
    lefthand menu, and then search for “calendar.”


    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, I’ve been trying to use the “WordPress Google Calendar” plug-in, with no luck. There is a “feed code” from the Google calendar settings that I copy and paste in the designated dashboard area in that plug-in on the CUNY AC, but all that’s happened thus far is that there is an improperly installed widget on the sidebar. I’m missing a step some where, but I’m not sure which step. Could I take this problem to the GC Help Desk?
    Many thanks,


    Hi Joshua,

    Commons problems should always be sent to commons@gc.cuny.edu (or posted
    here) rather than sent to the Help Desk. One of the community facilitators
    will address this.




    Many thanks Matt, will do!

    All the best,


    I assume that by “WordPress Google Calendar”, we are talking about “Google Calendar Events”, correct? I don’t see a plugin by the other name.

    I followed the instructions at http://codex.commons.gc.cuny.edu/2013/07/27/google-calendar-events/, and I was able to add a calendar to a page without a problem. Joshua, can you verify whether those were the instructions you were following?

    Assuming that this is the post in question http://bmccesllab.commons.gc.cuny.edu/weekly-calendar-of-esl-classes/, the problem is that you did not use the [google-calendar-events] shortcode, as described in the Codex page linked above. I have put in the shortcode, and items are now appearing on the page. See http://bmccesllab.commons.gc.cuny.edu/wp-admin/post.php?post=27&action=edit&message=1

    Maybe @scottvoth can step in with some more information – he understands this plugin far better than I do.


    Many thanks. Yes, I meant “Google Calendar Events.” I see that the feed you used the short code for on the page works. But not entirely. There is a calendar there, but with none of the events on the Google calendar from the feed, except, for some reason, the Memorial Day notice of no classes.
    You can see the events on the Google calendar here:
    Am I missing some additional short code to link these items to the calendar on the commons WP site?

    Thanks again,


    Hi again,

    Never mind. I just changed the settings a bit and now the events are showing up.

    Many thanks for your help!


    Excellent, thanks for reporting back!

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