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Commenting on blogs outside the Commons


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    Nancy Foasberg

    I’m a little frustrated I can’t figure this out, but I wanted to comment on a Blogger blog outside the commons, but because the URL here is different from the standard WordPress URL, I can’t sign in with my WordPress ID in the usual way. Can anyone give me a hint how to do it?


    Hi Nancy –

    Are you looking to have your avatar show up while posting on an outside blog? One way you can manage this is by using Gravatar. http://en.gravatar.com/

    You can associate an avatar with an email address and a number of different services. That way you will been “seen” while commenting on various sites with the same looking digital image.

    Does that help?

    Nancy Foasberg

    Well, what I really wanted was the link to my blog. The one I’m trying to comment on requires me to sign in and there wasn’t a good way to do that.


    Hi Nancy,

    The situation you’re describing typically occurs when someone using Google’s Blogger platform requires that readers log in before leaving comments. Depending on the blogger’s settings, readers may be able to leave comments by first logging in with their WordPress IDs. In such cases, they are typically referring to wordpress.com IDs. Although the Commons is a WordPress installation, its login system is not interoperable with Google’s Blogger system in the way you’re hoping for.

    The good news is that creating a wordpress.com ID is quick, easy, and free. So, you could do that. Or, if the blog in question allows you to log in through other means (perhaps through a google account), you could try that.



    Nancy Foasberg

    Hm. That’s disappointing. Thanks though.


    You’re welcome! As you’ve probably guessed, we don’t have any control over how Google authenticates comments on Blogger blogs. You might try contacting the author of the blog in question and asking him or her to consider allowing anyone to comment without logging in.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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