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    Hello! Is it possible to add the theme Antisnews? I don’t see it as an option. Thank you!


    Sure, Daisy. We’ll vet the theme; as long as there aren’t any problems with it, it will be included in our next release, which will probably take place in a few weeks. Please keep your eye on our a Development blog (http://dev.commons.gc.cuny.edu) for an announcement.


    Thanks, Matt. There are actually a few more plugins that I’d like to try but I keep forgetting where is the best place to let you guys know this – here or on Redmine? I forget what goes where…


    Thanks, Daisy. Either place is fine. If you want to have a conversation around your request with a large group of users (as recently happened in a thread about adding tags to comments (http://commons.gc.cuny.edu/groups/wordpress-help/forum/topic/tagging-comments/), this group is the best place.

    But if you know exactly what you want and just want to submit the request directly to redmine (http://redmine.gc.cuny.edu), that would be more direct and would allow you to follow the progress of the ticket (you’d receive an email any time action was taken on it).




    Thanks, Matt! Best, Daisy

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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