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border wars

  • The United Sates and Mexico border crisis is a problem due to all the illegal immigrants flooding into the United States from Mexico. United States is becoming overpopulated and people are losing their jobs since they can pay immigrants much less to do the same work off the books. They basically live in America for free. No taxes are paid and they are taking away jobs and money from hardworking people. Putting the wall up will also stop a lot of the drug war going on. Most of the drugs entering the U.S are being illegally brought in from Mexico through the border. Closing access to the borders and building a wall will stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border. President Trump believes building a wall between the two will be the best solution. Drug trafficking will be harder and most likely decrease.

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  • Dear Yelena,

    Thanks for sharing your proposal of the benefits of building a wall. It’s interesting that you note the wall as a way to prevent drugs from entering our country. If you pursue this for your literature review, you’d want to look at what the research says about drug trafficking and the Mexican/US border wall. You might also look to history to see if walls have worked in the past.


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