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Border Crisis

  • The Ukraine Border Crisis Presents a Threat to the safety of civilians.  In a video article produced By the New York Times in 2016, we see a clip of families with their children in a local park while nearby there are rounds of ammunition going off due to the border war. This video depicts that the war has developed an unsafe environment for these civiians. If a solution is not reached this could amount to casualties.      In this situation where innocent lives could be lost,migration would be a key solution. During times of war nearby countries usually have refugee camps in place to receive individuals in danger. Letting these people in to a country not only aids in lives being saved, but also could have a positive effect on that country’s overall status. Refugees contribute Skills and knowledge that they have attained in their home country to the receiving country, which can help to improve the development of that country. Some refugees remain in the receiving country even after the war is over,this could also lead to a boost in that country’s economics. Migration of civillians is also a great way of preventing innocent civillians from being forced to join as an active insurgent of war. Safety  is the highlighted reason here for migration. Refugees escape oppression  and even death, the ultimate consequence.

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  • Thanks Deirdre for sharing your solution to an ongoing problem. You might consider doing more research on the benefits of refugee camps vs. full migration. Perhaps an article that shows ways refugees’ lives have changed because of services provided by a camp?


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