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Preliminary list of due dates for scholarships and internships:

Preliminary list of due dates for scholarships and internships:
Added to calendar as of 12/4/18.

Dec. 3              Ronald Brown Program (law- first year, sophomore, junior)

Dec. 10            Pre-law Institute January Boot camp (January 7-10)

Jan ??                Honors program applications open

Jan. 4               BA/MA

Jan 14             Martin Luther King Jr. essay contest

Jan. 15             Pinkerton Fellowship

Jan. 14             Urban Fellows

Jan. 22             Watson

Jan. 31             NYS Comptroller Internships- all majors (Karina Panama did this last summer)

Feb. 15            HACU summer fellowship (Veronica made it to the last round of this)

Feb.                 Immigrant Justice Corps- portal opens (Claire and Helen Flores made it to the final round)

Mar. 1              America Needs You (First year students who are first to go to college)

Mar. 15                        NYS Attorney General (Look on website for specifics- many majors, including accounting)

Mar.                 Immigrant Justice Corps due

Mar.                 Summer Youth Employment Program (up to age 25, Kiran and Monique did this)

For Fall 2019 (Approximately- using this year’s dates for reference):

Sep. 6              Marshall

Sep. 6              Rhodes

Sep. 6              Fulbright

Sep. 28            Mitchell (Ireland’s version of the Rhodes, named after Sen. George Mitchell)

Oct. 9               Siegel

Nov. 28                        Critical Language Scholarship (this brought Veronica to Korea)

I hope to add more, McNair and Honors for example, soon.

  1. Other than students attending grad school in social work or attending John Jay for their Masters, the students attending post grad education have almost all come through McNair, Honors, Pre-law or Ronald Brown