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OER thoughts: textbooks and MyOpenMath

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    I don’t know if this group intends to remain very active here or not, but I’d like to explore the option of moving forward with some OER projects.

    In Fall II, the Natural Sciences Department piloted use of the Astronomy text from OpenStax. I wrote a review of the text and we’re trying to decide whether to implement it or not (there are pluses and minuses). Do we know what open textbooks are being used/have been used/are planning on being used? Is there a place to find out that information?

    Additionally, I also use MyOpenMath platform for my homework management system. I would be interested in finding out whether there is a group possible to form to develop for this platform here at LaGuardia.


    I made a paper where we can track some of this here:

    I’m not sure it’s kept anywhere centrally, but I agree that it would be helpful information to have!


    Okay. I tried to edit the paper but found I was unable to for some reason. I added a comment instead.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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