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Paid Internship Opportunity

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    Please see below for information about a paid internship:

    Internship: Digital Data Collections & Archives Assistant (summer 2024)

    Political ResearchAssociates, Communications/Editorial // Remote

    Opportunity to practice and learn about cataloging digital content and preserving digital archives in a social justice research and strategy center setting. (remote)

    Apply here:

    Political Research Associates (PRA) is a social justice research and strategy center. Since 1981, we have been devoted to supporting organizations, civic leaders, journalists, and social sectors that are building a more just and inclusive democratic society. Over the past four decades, PRA has researched, monitored, and publicized the agenda and strategies of the U.S. and global Right, revealing the dangerous intersections of Christian nationalism, White nationalism, and patriarchy. PRAonline contains one of the largest archives of original research about the US Right in existence, as well as material on the Global Right.


    As we create tools to make this archive much more accessible to a range of audiences, PRA is seeking up to two interns to practice and learn about cataloging digital content and archiving using our previously published content in The Public Eye magazine, Religion Dispatches, and our central web presence (soon to be renamed/relaunched) The intern(s) will collaborate with PRA staff in data cataloging and taxonomy building, with an eye toward improving content accessibility of the web archive for our relaunch. No data visualization experience is required; however, as time allows and depending on the intern’s interest, they may collaborate with a researcher or editor on a data visualization to publish on the site.


     Here are the key responsibilities: 


    Data Cataloging & Taxonomy Building

    The aim is to complete as much as possible of the following in ten weeks:

    • Detailed tagging of all publications within the last five years upon close reading, including content categories, organizations, names, movements, and events
    • Audit existing categories and tags
    • Read/skim the PRAo/PE catalog
    • Format reference documents for later text analysis
    • Refine a clear categorization and tagging taxonomy for the forthcoming web relaunch
    • Learn about best practices and offer suggestions for future collections of materials


    Data Visualization

    Depending on the intern’s capacity and experience, the intern(s) will practice one or more data visualization techniques, which can begin concurrently with the cataloging project:

    • Using text analysis, create basic word clouds, frequency analyses, and term relation graphs to show changes in focus and language in PRA publications over time
    • Using social network analysis, map the relationships between the groups, people, and events PRA has researched and written on over time
    • Using a basic timeline function, create “Best of” PRA publication timelines along with key events to be published online



    • Pursuing a MLS, MS/MA in Info or Archival Studies, MA in Archaeology, or Masters degree in a related field, or BA/BS with advanced archival/library experience preferred. Field learning equivalent welcomed!
    • Ability to read deeply and widely about the Right
    • Experience organizing and developing taxonomies for archival materials, collections, and/or news documents for the web is a plus!
    • The intern(s) will work 15 hours per week from June 2024 through August 2024 (for a total of 10 weeks)
    • The intern(s) will take part in meetings with the Communications & Editorial Team at PRA. The intern(s) will report directly to PRAonline editor, Jack Gieseking
      • The intern(s) will also occasionally work with The Public Eye and Religion Dispatcheseditors, Kitana Ananda and Evan Derkacz
      • The intern(s) will also get to work on the web backend with our Data and Communications Manager, Olivia Lawrence-Weilmann
    • Course credit hours possible depending on terms required by the higher ed institution


    Start date: May 28th- June 3rd, 2024


    Location & Schedule

    Our internship program will be fully remote for Summer 2024. Our office operates from 9am – 5pm on East Coast time. We are only able to accept applications from candidates who will be physically located in and performing work from one of the following states: Alaska, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, or Rhode Island.


    Internship orientation will take place during the first two full weeks. Interns are required to be available for orientation sessions. After the mandatory orientation period, interns set their work schedule in consultation with their supervisor. Interns work approximately 10-15 hours per week, during PRA office hours of 9am – 5pm ET, for 10-12 weeks (including the orientation weeks) for a total internship of up to 150 hours.



    Temporary roles at PRA are appointed for specific durations to fulfill defined tasks or projects without benefits. They are not included in the PRA Staff Union or any other employee representative body.


    For questions, contact PRA HR.


    Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. You are encouraged to apply early for full consideration.


    Political Research Associates is committed to hiring someone with the right mix of experience (both traditional and nontraditional), social justice commitment, and potential to grow with us. We strongly encourage people from communities most negatively affected by right-wing ideologies & campaigns to apply, particularly: people of color; immigrants; women and feminine-identified people; lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and Two-Spirit people; genderqueer, trans, intersex, and gender non-conforming people.

    Jack Jen Gieseking

    A Queer New York: Geographies of Lesbians, Dykes, and Queers


    Pronouns: he/they


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