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Web APIs for Catalogs

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    Stephen Zweibel

    Thanks everyone for coming to my presentation! As promised, here are some links to relevant resources:

    My presentation slides, with examples and a small tutorial:

    The documentation for my catalog API:

    CUNY’s official catalog API:

    Worldcat APIs:


    Stephen, thanks for the great presentation today. I was just checking out the reveal.js software you used for your slides:

    I noticed that there’s a hosted version you can use, too, called

    Cool stuff!

    Stephen Zweibel

    At the presentation I was asked to guide a workshop on using the CUNY catalog APIs. Now I’m trying to come up with a small project as an example, but I am not sure what people might be interested in, so I am asking here:

    If you’re interested in attending a workshop on this subject, which language would you prefer I focus on?

    Python: would be a small script that automates some collection development task, like creating an excel chart showing the catalog status of a list of books.

    Javascript: a web app that would combine catalog data with external info, for instance from Worldcat.

    In either case those who attend would need to have their development environment set up beforehand. Python has more work to its initial setup.

    Junior Tidal

    I would personally be interested in the Javascript web app.

    Robin Camille Davis

    I’m equally interested in both, but perhaps the Javascript app would be better to walk through first.


    Both sounds great. A bit more difficult to get a smart classroom here. Stephen F. can you, or does everybody have access to a notebook?

    Stefanie Havelka

    Javascript would be fun


    I can probably get a classroom with computers if we’re talking about something after mid-May. The next meeting we agreed was going to be May 6; the agenda was to talk about wifi. Maybe we could do this workshop for the June meeting?

    Stephen Zweibel

    Okay, seems like there’s more interest in Javascript, so that’s what we’ll do.

    I think the workshop will be around 3 hours long, and yes, we will need computers in the room, or better, have people bring their own laptops.

    June is fine with me as long as there are enough people around to justify a workshop. I’d like to advertise beyond this committee but I’m not sure what steps to take.


    I can help you set this up Stephen if you contact me. I’m in this week.


    Which Stephen?


    Stephen K: I think Danielle was responding to Stephen Z.’s request for help advertising the June event.


    Confusing because, in addition to the 3 Stephens, they work at the same shop.


    Good thing the 3 Stephens don’t all work in the same library (although that would be fun for us).



Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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