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EZ Proxy URL Change on Mobile Devices

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    Junior Tidal

    We’re encountering a problem here at City Tech. Our EZ Proxy URL changes just on mobile devices from to

    We’ve reported the problem to Roland, but I was curious if anyone else has come across this?

    Stephen Klein

    I proxy by hostname to avoid having to use prots in my URL string:


    I’m having a lot of difficulty accessing the NYCCT Library website. Is it just me?

    Monica Berger

    Probably not. When I used the Tor emulator to try to troubleshoot all of this earlier, it took forever for each page to load.

    Roland Samieske

    I’m trying to confirm if this is a result of using “ForceHTTPSLogin” in the EZproxy config. Only because this URL change seems to have happened right after its implementation.
    I could find a reference here:
    “allows starting point URLs to take the form:
    Special characters that appear after qurl= must be “hex quoted,” especially & to %26, = to %3d and ? to %3f. As such, the URL (one or more line breaks were added in each of the following two examples for display purposes; examples without added line breaks are available):
    would need to be changed to:
    This alternate form is not required, but is provided for instances where using a character encoded URL is useful.”

    For example, if you run the encoded URL (i.e. the URL after the “qurl” parameter) through a decoder ( ), it reverts through the regular, plain URL.

    I’m not sure that the encoded URL is the problem here. More likely, the network that the mobile user is connected to may not have the standard SSL port 443 open.

    I’m seeing this qurl switch when using a desktop browser as well.

    I’ll post whatever I can find out later.

    And yes: the NYCCT library site is painfully slow.

    Junior Tidal

    We had a server outage last week due to overheat. I hope its not a hardware problem.

    Both our desktop site and mobile site (which is pretty light in terms of file size) seem pretty slow off-campus.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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