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Notes from 14 April 2016 meeting of the Library Technology Subcommittee

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    Notes from 14 April 2016 meeting of the Library Technology Subcommittee


    LaGuardia Community College


    Stephen Francoeur (Baruch)
    Greg Gosselin (CUNY OLS)
    Charles Keyes (LaGuardia)
    Joan Kolarik (CUNY OLS)
    Alex Berrio Matamoros (CUNY Law)
    Ann Matsuuchi (LaGuardia)
    Ned Wall (Queens)

    Adoption of the Agenda

    The agenda was adopted as distributed.

    Approval of Minutes of 9 February 2016 Meeting

    The minutes were approved as distributed.

    Library Identity Management Survey

    CUNY OLS has been able to get responses from all but one campus (Medgar Evers). As soon as they send in their response, the analysis of responses can be completed and the report distributed.

    Library Technology Survey

    We agreed that we would begin a new annual survey modeled after the one that the Electronic Resources Advisory Council runs every year to inventory database subscriptions across CUNY. In the survey, we would list all kinds of hardware that is in the library for use on site or off-site (as a loan). Items inventoried would include things like laptops, tablets, calculators, clickers, digital cameras, 3D printers, self-checkout machines, scanners, copiers, etc. There would be a space for respondents to add in any hardware items not on the list. It would not include internet-based services like Wi-Fi, digital reference, etc. For each item on the list, we’d want to know if the library has it/them; can they be used by students, faculty, and/or staff; can they be taken out of the library; and whether it is managed wholly by the library, partly by the library and another campus office/unit, or wholly by another campus office/unit.

    Stephen Francoeur will start a draft of the survey as a Google Doc that will be shared with the committee for editing. Once a final survey is complete, CUNY OLS will take on the task of setting it up on their SurveyMonkey account and distributing it across the libraries for response.

    News and Issues from Around CUNY Libraries

    Greg Gosselin spoke about a pilot project that CUNY central and CUNY OLS expect to work on this summer testing out unified logins using the EmplID form CUNYfirst to tether login for various systems.

    Greg also mentioned the Achieving the Dream grant-funded project that CUNY OLS is involved with to support the development of OERs:

    Stephen mentioned the program at CityTech that Maura Smale had emailed him about:

    We also talked about the role of LibGuides as a platform for sharing OERs and integrating them with courses, especially when those guides are being designed with the help of or solely by faculty outside the library.

    We also discussed the Blackboard Library Working Group’s report and new LTI functionality in LibGuides CMS that makes it easier to embed library content within Blackboard.

    Finally, we heard about the plans by CUNY OLS to open up Guide on the Side to campus libraries in the near future.

    Next Meeting

    Greg Gosselin volunteered to look into having the meeting in early June at the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center, which is on the campus of City College.

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