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Language, Society, and Culture FIG

The Language, Society, and Culture FIG was created as a forum for sharing research interests within the domains of linguistics and sociolinguistics. The group emerged from the Language, Society, and Culture faculty interest group based at BMCC, and now consists of members across CUNY.

The FIG’s primary function is to plan a biennial one-day conference focusing on language/linguistic research in the context of society and culture. The first of these conferences was hosted by BMCC in spring 2011. The LSC cohort at BMCC organized the International Linguistics Association Conference in April 2012, so we skipped a year and the second LSC Conference (on “Storytelling”) was hosted by BCC in 2014. In 2016, the conference came back to BMCC; the theme was “Language and Politics” in concert with an interesting presidential election year.
We are now looking forward to our 4th biennial conference, to be held at LaGuardia Community College on Friday, May 25, 2018. The theme will be “Language and Social Justice: Language for Change”.

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