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John Jay OER/Open Pedagogy 2021 Summer Seminar 2

The John Jay OER/Open Pedagogy group provides opportunities for discussion, sharing, and support related to the 2021 Summer Seminar. Participants will be able to use the seminar site to find resources, readings, recordings, and assignments while using the group to conduct related discussions, share additional materials, and work together on completing assignments.

Group A: Erika Marte, John Vespucci, Garam Kwon, Linda Humes, Aaron Zack, Julia Sinitsky, Lisa Tsuei, Deneia Fairweather
Group B: Nicholas Morano, Richard Li, Muath Obaidat, Nikolaos Petropoulos, Iralma Pozo, Jacqueline Young, Leo Subbarao
Group C: Maria Grewe, Kate Cauley, Makia Harper, Mark Alpert, Justine Borer

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